End-to-End Order Management

Eliminate Surprise Costs for Your Customer with Digital River’s Landed Cost Calculation

Cross-border ecommerce is on the rise. On average, 18% of online revenue comes from international sales. In order to improve the overall consumer experience for physical cross-border orders, it is important that consumers understand the additional charges that come into play when importing/exporting a product.

Features and Functionality

Digital River’s Landed Cost Calculation provides the ability to understand, calculate, display and collect the overall costs that are associated with an import/export order, improving customer visibility into the total cost breakdown of their purchase. Implementing our Landed Cost Calculation provides improvements to your most common cross-border fulfillment headaches:

  • Moving Product: Instead of creating a new supply chain to support global expansion, this solution provides an interim step to sell cross-border or as an import/export
  • Cost Clarity: Customers are now informed of and can pay for all duties and tax costs at the time of purchase, rather than at the time of delivery
  • Lower Costs Due to Returns: Consumers will be less likely to refuse imported products when they are not faced with additional fees at the time of delivery. This lowers additional costs to you for returns
  • Faster Delivery: Since Digital River handles clearing customs and calculating taxes and duties, customs processing is much faster

With Landed Cost Calculation, Digital River can collect the entire cost to deliver your product, use our carrier/logistics partner to prepay these costs on behalf of the buyer, and clear customs without additional action by the buyer. Now, when a customer is checking out, the total cost they see includes the item price, shipping and any import duties and taxes that are required to smoothly clear customs.

Solving for how to sell across multiple global markets can be complicated. Digital River continues to innovate ways to help you reach new markets. With a partner that understands the complexities of cross-border commerce like we do, you can be assured that your fulfillment processes are being handled efficiently.

We’re all-in, fully committed to each facet of your ecommerce business.