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Delivery Options to Increase Peace of Mind and Satisfaction for Today’s Consumer

Online shoppers are increasingly expecting greater flexibility in parcel delivery options. While delivering directly to the consumer’s home is still the primary method, delivery to alternative locations are quickly gaining popularity, particularly in Europe and APAC where consumers face more prominent challenges with convenience and security. These alternative collection points are typically convenience and grocery stores with whom carriers have contracts to accept, hold and disburse packages, but they can also be carrier owned locations, parcel shops or delivery lockers.

The Home Delivery Challenge

Creating a seamless delivery experience for your consumers is an important part of maintaining customer loyalty. In a recent survey conducted by Toluna, 50% of respondents stated they have abandoned a purchase online due to unsatisfactory delivery options. Many homes in Europe and APAC do not have home addresses that can accept or hold packages, making home delivery even more difficult. When you offer alternative delivery options, you are giving consumers the ability to select the most convenient delivery option for them.

As Fiona Dias the CSO for ShopRunner has stated, “the home delivery challenge has always been an issue for ecommerce, especially as thieves have moved into the game.” Package theft is in the news often and is a growing concern for both consumers and ecommerce providers. Providing your consumers with alternative delivery options will not only allow them to choose a convenient delivery location but also reassure them that their package will be securely delivered when they are available to pick it up.

Digital River’s Parcel Collection Points solution gives shoppers an alternate option when home delivery is inconvenient and also combats the trials that stem from package theft and missed deliveries. Our system integrates seamlessly with UPS’s Access Point Network locations allowing your customers to choose a Parcel Collection Point as their preferred delivery method all from your storefront’s billing page.

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