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Accountability is what we stand for.


Digital River is your commerce expert for a localized approach to global expansion. Our modular platform, global expertise, and advanced partner ecosystem means your team can focus on creating seamless buying experiences, while we work behind the scenes to process payments, mitigate fraud, and manage taxes and compliance on your behalf.

Commerce with Accountability

With 25 years of industry experience and offices on four continents, we've mastered the ins and outs of global commerce. From taxation and compliance to payment strategies and emarketing campaigns, we've got you covered. You've got our word.

Each day at Digital River, our team of experts stand together so our clients can stand out. With best-in-class shopper experiences. And sales that surpass expectations.

Our Mission

We drive client growth through our global commerce expertise.

We've been at commerce a long time. And we've learned a thing or two along the way. Like the values we live by must ring true in what we do.

Our Values

Respect. Integrity. Customer centricity. Innovation. Global perspective. Accountability.

That Matter

We got our start in ’94 as a disruptor, playing a major role in the software industry’s shift to online sales and downloads. That was the first step in a journey that would earn us a leading position in commerce.

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Around the World

Meet the

  • Adam Coyle

    Chief Executive Officer

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  • Kathy Tompt

    Chief of Staff

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  • Matthew Reck

    Chief Financial Officer

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  • James Gagliardi

    Chief Product Officer

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  • Oleg Ryaboy

    Chief Technology Officer

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  • Ryan Douglas

    Chief Information Officer

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  • KT Schmidt

    Chief Administrative Officer

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  • Jason Nyhus

    Senior Vice President, Demand Generation, Partnerships and Sales

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  • Jason Hofmann

    Senior Vice President, Customer Success

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  • Ted Rogers

    General Manager, MyCommerce

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