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Email is Still King: Consumer Views on Email Marketing

By Julie Graham / September 3, 2015

For the fourth consecutive year, BlueHornet surveyed consumers to better understand how they perceive and respond to email marketing. We found that as digital marketing continues its nonstop evolution, email continues to take a lead role in the emarketing mix. For a deeper dive into the research, check out the entire Consumer Views of Email Marketing 2015 report.

Our 2015 report results are based on an expanded scope. Our panel this year was considerably bigger.  In fact, it was 63 percent bigger – and our survey questions delved deeper into the interplay between email, mobile and social. The results gave us a lot to think about. As digital marketing channels continue to mushroom across the retail ecosphere, and mobile continues its meteoric rise, it’s exciting to learn that email is not only still alive, it’s still kicking. And kicking hard.

Of course, as emarketers, that doesn’t mean our jobs just got easier. Our savvier-than-ever consumers describe the complex ways email marketing impacts purchase behavior, how they use different devices, and what emarketers can do to meet their changing expectations.

Email: Sorting Through the Slog
It’s official: staying ahead of the digital marketing game is more critical than ever; especially with 59 percent of our surveyed consumers telling us that marketing emails influence their purchase decisions. Of course, they’re also inundated by those emails. Clever marketers drop flash sales, send super-intuitive content, and provide meaningful choices across channels. Customers these days demand that marketers understand their unique wants and needs. When those marketers hit the mark, consumers will let them in. Miss it … and consumers will drop them like they’re hot.


Retain, Convert, Repeat
The always-on and always connected world is raising consumer expectations. Emails can remind consumers to shop almost anytime – 44 percent of surveyed consumers admitted that email campaigns remind them to shop and lead to more frequent purchases, and… they’re all for it. Assuming it’s done the right way, consumers will gravitate to offers and discounts they want (free shipping, anyone?) and, as a reward, allow marketers to send more; for those who fail to meet expectations, expect to be handed your digital walking papers.


Mobilize Your Mission
Rumor has it – mobile is here to stay. While consumers are more connected than ever to mobile devices, they’re a bit slow to embrace mobile shopping. With only 18.5 percent of surveyed consumers declaring they are likely to complete a purchase on a mobile phone or tablet, we have some work to do. Optimizing for mobile conversion requires the digital orchestration of email, landing pages, the shopping experience and the purchase confirmation process.


Social Skills Matter
Social and email are very different beasts. While social remains the beating heart of family and friends, consumers tell us that marketing and family don’t necessarily mix. Only 5.1 percent of surveyed consumers say they’re likely to share messages from a marketing email on their social network. Turns out, email remains the tried-and-true conversion vehicle. But don’t put social on ice just yet. Nothing stays constant in digital marketing.

Don’t Worry: There’s More
As marketers, it’s up to us to stay ahead of the curve and deliver our message in a way that matches our audiences’ expectations. Download our complete 2015 Consumer Views of Email Marketing report as well as our infographic to discover what consumers want and need, and how best to deliver it.



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