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Ecommerce Fraud Protection

Mitigate risk and optimize recovery from false positives with ecommerce fraud protection. We help you fight online fraud and recover revenue on a global scale through a combination of dedicated fraud experts and our customizable, proprietary fraud prevention engine.


Maximize revenue


Minimize chargebacks


Enhance customer experience

Defend Your Business with Ecommerce Fraud Prevention and Detection

Transaction DefenderTM, uses Machine Learning to constantly analyze data from millions of online transactions around the world. Optimize fraud detection with powerful algorithms designed to differentiate between legitimate customers and fraudsters protecting you against fraud attempts, lost revenue and low acceptance rates.

Retailers are predicted to lose

to card-not-present fraud through 2023.

In 2020, over

in fraudulent transactions were prevented by Digital River.

Expert Manual Reviews

Drive faster issue identification and resolution. Protect your revenue and your customers around the world, 24/7. Based on your custom risk profile our highly experienced fraud team is ready to quickly analyze transactions in 10 different languages.

Flexible Fraud Management Controls

Minimize fraudulent activity, false positives and maximize revenue by assessing your risk profile and building a customized set of protocols to fit your business needs.

Anomaly Detection

Analyze key transaction behaviors in real-time to identify irregularities of a user’s online fingerprint with expertly-refined ecommerce fraud detection algorithms.

IP Geo-Location and Proxy Piercing

Our sophisticated fraud management technology determines shopper location and identifies attempts to hide an IP address, unmasking the fraudster’s true location.

Account Takeover Screening

Device characteristics are identified and analyzed to help detect account takeover or account penetration.

Global Screening Lists

We ensure transaction compliance, by screening all orders against global fraud lists, including denied party lists, embargoes and restricted product lists.

Insightful Fraud Analytics

Gain detailed insights into how Digital River’s comprehensive fraud detection and prevention solution works to keep your revenue protected and growing.

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