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Infographic: Japan Ecommerce Market

By Digital River Blog Team / May 22, 2015

Though geographically small, Japan is both an economic and ecommerce powerhouse. Japan’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $4.729 trillion ranks #5 in the world. To capture your share of this important global opportunity, you must understand the nuances of the culture and what it takes to reach local consumers.

With a highly connected population – 109 million Japanese are online – consumers are comfortable browsing and buying online. In 2014, online sales in Japan totaled nearly $71 billion, and they are forecasted to grow to just over $106 billion by 2018.

To successfully reach Japanese consumers, online merchants must speak the local language – 99 percent of the population speaks Japanese almost exclusively. And don’t forget to capture the right “look” on your ecommerce site. Ecommerce web design is influenced by a variety of aesthetic trends, including “Harajuku” (hip and trendy), “Kawaii” (cute and adorable) or “Shibu” (beautiful and refined).

For more details about the online culture of Japan, check out the infographic below.

Digital River Japan Infographic

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