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Global Online Payment Platform

As merchant of record, Digital River takes on the financial and legal responsibilities of selling online to simplify and accelerate your ability to reach new markets. One integration covers all your global payments, tax, fraud, and compliance needs. This eliminates multiple vendor contracts and integrations, reducing operational costs and simplifying your global direct-to-consumer channel.

Minimize Financial Complexity

Delivering localized checkout experiences and reconciling international sales can be very complex and burdensome. To simplify, Digital River provides a single checkout integration that localizes payment experiences to maximize conversions. As the merchant of record, we handle compliance, fraud mitigation, currency conversion, chargebacks, and global reconciliation all on your behalf.

Reduce Legal Risk

Global expansion adds more risk and complexity, placing a heavy burden on your existing operations. From data privacy laws and export rules to tax compliance, no two countries are the same and the rules are constantly changing. No need to expand your operations to stay compliant with new regulations and handle local tax management. As merchant of record, we do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy quick, easy, and risk-free entry into new markets.

“Six months after launch, our ecommerce partnership with Salesforce and Digital River has allowed us to significantly reduce the complexity and total cost of selling online.”

James Sudworth, Head of Digital, Egress Egress Software

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To simplify your global expansion efforts, we bring more than 25 years of commerce experience along with a consultative approach and proven track record working with leading brands. You benefit from our unique combination of innovative technology, extensive partner ecosystem, and global expertise to help you navigate the chaos. Flexible APIs provide universal compatibility with the commerce platform of your choice.


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