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Full service, low risk. As both Merchant and Seller of Record, we take on the transactional liabilities and shift the financial risks typically encountered from banks and credit cards from you to us. Translation: we’re on the hook for taxes, legal compliance, local banking regulations and fraud and revenue loss situations. Because we’re in 244 countries and territories with 18 local entities, you have the advantage of in-depth local knowledge of the most intricate customs and regulations. This is how global ecommerce flows when the stress factors all disappear.

190 bank connections 45 payment methods 46 currencies.
Now that's financial fluency.
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Global Payment Methods

B2C & B2B Online Payment Methods

Currency comes in many forms and exchange rates fluctuate by the minute. With Digital River, you gain access to hundreds of global payment methods around the world. When shoppers see a purchase price in their local currency and preferred credit cards, the cart fills up fast.

We know that your B2B customers have different payment needs. Things like POs, invoicing and line of credit. No matter which market you operate in, our diligent international commerce team has your back. We collect, reconcile, monitor banking rates, and make deposits into your account. Think global, transact local.

Merchant of Record Services

Serious local capabilities are what set us apart from the newcomers to global commerce. Every market has a unique set of variables, whether it’s buyer preferences, exportation restrictions or consumer protection laws. Need expertise in Asian credit card regulations, Denied Persons screening in Europe or the smart way to optimize PCI compliance in South America? We have 18 legal entities in key regions with teams of local experts to navigate the rules and relationships.

We take a host of difficult things off your plate and provide an instant global footprint. The checklist runs from local transaction taxes and fulfillment to credit card refunds and chargebacks. We’re up on the intricacies of payment processing feeds worldwide. It’s our way of saying relax, all variables covered.

Minimize Fraud Liability

We assume liability for all transactions processed and customer data collected on your behalf. You’re backed by the most comprehensive fraud prevention technology and a team of experts to protect your brand. Thanks to this level of confidence, clients enlist us as their independent data controller and protection gurus.

The differences between fraud and friend shift with every geographical location. Our industry leading Transaction Defender™ uses a flexible screening engine, analytics, velocity checking and IP geo-location to block fraudulent activity. Fraudsters employ a wide set of tricks according to the market, channel and payment method. We study these patterns and trends around the clock so you always have fine-tuned and proactive countermeasures in place. This is fraud, zeroed out.

Global Tax Management

Calculating, collecting, reporting and remitting tax for a global business is a massive headache. We’re the aspirin. Our global tax structure, tools and specialists minimize your rates—which also lowers the price tag for your customers. A shopping cart in Croatia isn’t the same as a shopping cart in Japan or Brazil. We know how to optimize the adjustments.

Tools like address validation make short work of sequential invoices and registration numbers. To appeal to shoppers, you can take advantage of tax display options like VAT-inclusive pricing, or “pretty pricing,” tailored for individual geographies. These work as instant motivators for purchase intent.

Regulatory Compliance

As your commerce Merchant of Record, we’re tasked with protecting your brand from every risk factor. We keep you on the straight and narrow with international trade regulations and restrictions. Your reputation remains rock solid, avoiding fines or legal snafus and you stay ahead of evolving government regulations.

Compliance expertise is also crucial in handling personal and financial data. That goes double for blocking illegal financing solutions. It’s why we comply with global regulations such as IFRS, GAAP, SOX and PCI. Transparency is a beautiful thing for you and your store.

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