Zero Fraud Liability

Protect your business and bottom line from fraud.

Fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated and efficient in identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities. As a result, merchants are paying more per dollar of fraud and losing significantly higher percentages of revenue than in past years; with large ecommerce merchants and international merchants taking the hardest hit. 12014 LexisNexis® True Cost of Fraud study

Fraud identification and prevention tools

Digital River has been helping online merchants identify and fight fraud for more than 23 years. Through our payment fraud protection solution, Transaction Defender®, we not only provide the tools you need; we also manage them for you. Transaction Defender uses many different methods and tools to identify and prevent fraud:

  • Proxy Piercing
  • IP Geo-Location
  • PC and Device Fingerprinting
  • Customizable Fraud Thresholds
  • Intelligent Fraud Prevention Engine
  • Rescreening Engine
  • Screening Lists — Blocked, Trusted or Neutral
  • Velocity Checking

Transaction information gathered at checkout is filtered through each of these tools. If fraud is detected at any point, the transaction is stopped.


Because fraud methods vary greatly by market, channel and payment method, it’s important to find the right mitigation strategy and solution. While a variety of traditional fraud management methods have proven successful, Digital River continues to find new and innovative ways to protect online transactions around the world.



When it comes to fighting fraud, there is strength in numbers. We continuously monitor all of our client’s sites so we can identify fraud patterns from anywhere in the world. You benefit from the community data gathered by our broad client base using Transaction Defender to screen transactions originating from thousands of ecommerce sites in more than 190 countries.

24/7 Expertise

We have dedicated global fraud prevention teams who are highly knowledgeable on what is, or is not, normal purchasing behavior. They are skilled at analyzing fraud trends around the clock and constantly developing proactive countermeasures. Our experts will help you define your fraud process and keep fraud under control.

When you partner with Digital River, you’re partnering with the most comprehensive online fraud detection system you can find. We are accountable for your protection.

We’re all-in, fully committed to each facet of your ecommerce business.