Subscription commerce, revved up

There has been a profound shift from ownership to subscription. It’s about delivering choice and creating experiences that delight customers. The big upside is a recurring billing revenue stream that never turns off and creates customers for life.

This is where our various ecommerce subscriptions and consumption models, recurring billing tools and microtransaction solutions give you a distinctive edge. We handle every form of monetization for a global economy on full tilt.

23+ years in ecommerce
15+ years doing subs.
Yup, we're industry trailblazers.
Value Brief
Subscription Revenue Optimization

Subscription Commerce Revenue Optimization

The key to a thriving commerce subscription model is to enrich the relationship and monetize experiences. That’s why we have fixed, tiered and pro-rated pricing, plus a range of reoccurring billing plans. You can fine-tune and scale a recurring revenue stream for every scenario.

By making things simple for consumers and staying in touch, you create value and combat churn. We combine smart data sourcing, retry logic, local acquiring banks and notifications to increase authorization rates. That makes renewals a snap. This is streaming revenue, Mississippi size.

99.997% uptime.
Our commerce cloud handles the highest traffic spikes with ease.
Adopting a Subscription Model

Free Trial & Freemium Models

Give shoppers a zero risk invitation to test drive your product and fall in love. A freemium model gives people access to basic functionality and content. A free trial lets them try out the full features before subscribing. Both are smart strategies for lowering the barrier to entry and attracting a large new group of dedicated fans.

You can skillfully put these commerce monetization strategies into action. Free trial and freemium equals new momentum. Revenue, full stream ahead.

Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits 25-95%
Value Brief
In-App and In-Game Commerce

Microtransactions, In-App Payments & Wallet

There’s a unique set of skills that come with working with video game and app developers. Our microtransaction, in-app payments and wallet module lets you sell across multiple economies. It’s designed to convert real world currency into virtual coin. You have full control over monitoring balances, earnings and loyalty credits. All this comes with a wallet that’s happy to play with everyone from iOS and Android to PC and console.

We understand the gaming culture because we’ve been there since Atari back in 2001. With download-to-own, subscriptions or free-to-play models, we know what it takes to get the whole world gaming.

190 bank connections 45 payment methods 46 currencies.
Now that's financial fluency.
Value Brief
Global Payment Methods

B2C & B2B Online Payment Methods

Currency comes in many forms and exchange rates fluctuate by the minute. With Digital River, you gain access to hundreds of global payment methods around the world. When shoppers see a purchase price in their local currency and preferred credit cards, the cart fills up fast.

We know that your B2B customers have different payment needs. Things like POs, invoicing and line of credit. No matter which market you operate in, our diligent international commerce team has your back. We collect, reconcile, monitor banking rates, and make deposits into your account. Think global, transact local.

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About Subscriptions

There's no revenue like recurring and no customers as happy and motivated like the ones you have for life. Subscriptions are the current king of monetization. Here's new thinking on how to open the gates on a massive new revenue stream.

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