Egress Reduces Global Ecommerce Complexity | Digital River
Case Study

Egress reduces complexity and operational costs with Digital River’s Global Seller Services

Security Software
The Customer

Egress provides B2B security software solutions to prevent inbound and outbound data breaches, caused by risky behavior and human error, without impacting productivity.

The Challenge

As Egress expanded into new markets, it was growing increasingly challenging and time consuming to reconcile global sales and keeping up with tax and compliance requirements.

The Solution

Egress benefited from the Digital River App for Salesforce B2B, gaining one simple integration for automating back-end operations, eliminating complexity, and reducing overall operational costs.

“Six months after launch, our ecommerce partnership with Salesforce and Digital River has allowed us to significantly reduce the complexity and total cost of selling online.”

– James Sudworth, Head of Digital, Egress

The Story

Egress wanted to focus more on customer experience for their growing online business, but significant resources were tied up in back-end operations that were growing increasingly complex as the company moved into new markets. With new tax rules, compliance considerations, and invoicing requirements, their finance teams were spending long hours trying to keep up with their growing international sales. To free up resources and streamline operations, Egress wanted to find a partner with global scale and experience in simplifying back-end complexities.

When Egress discovered the Digital River App, a pre-integration with the Salesforce B2B Commerce platform, it was the perfect fit for their international ecommerce growth goals. In one comprehensive back-end solution, Digital River provided Egress with everything they needed for localizing checkout experiences and streamlining operations. With its unique merchant of record model, Digital River takes on all the financial and legal responsibilities of selling internationally. That includes payment processing, calculating, filing, and remitting taxes, fighting fraud, complying with international regulations, and reconciling global sales.

Together, Salesforce B2B and Digital River delivered game-changing efficiencies for creating seamless B2B shopping experiences and simplifying global operations. “Six months after go-live, our ecommerce partnership with Salesforce and Digital River has allowed us to significantly reduce complexity and the overall cost of selling direct to consumers,” explained James Sudworth, head of digital for Egress. Sudworth added, “our finance teams have saved significant man-hours on processing our ecommerce transactions, which were increasing year-over-year. Secondly, more orders are being placed successfully without the need to talk to an Egress team member.” According to Sudworth, 80% of the company’s transactions are now ‘zero touch’, up from 60% prior to launch. That increase in efficiency allows their sales team to focus on selling to larger accounts with higher ACV potential.

Egress is now in position to grow globally with Digital River taking on the risk and complexity of international ecommerce.