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Commercial and Consumer Pruning and Cutting Tools

The Customer

FELCO provides innovative solutions for both commercial and consumer pruning and cutting markets.

The Challenge

Managing multiple vendors for payments, monitoring tax thresholds, and remitting sales tax was becoming increasingly burdensome for FELCO, a small family company. They wanted a single partner who could manage payments and taxes while also implementing a solution within a short timeframe.

The Solution

FELCO leveraged Digital River’s Adobe Commerce extension, which provided a single solution for simplifying payments, taxes, fraud, financial reconciliation, and other back-office operations.

"Operating in different countries brings certain challenges to the table. We had different legacy payment processors for each country with yet another vendor for tax. Working with all these different entities became too cumbersome and convoluted. Digital River provided a unique solution compared to other payment processors on the market by simplifying and combining payment processing and tax solutions.”

– Nick Terry, Head of ECOM

The Story

FELCO is an industry leading tool company with 75 years of experience and a reputation for high-quality pruning and cutting solutions. Their Iconic FELCO 2 is an industry standard in both agricultural and landscape industries. As their ecommerce business evolved, back-office inefficiencies were becoming more burdensome, and they found themselves working with multiple vendors to manage payments, taxes, and fraud. The work of reconciling sales from multiple payment vendors, monitoring ever-changing tax thresholds, and remitting sales tax had become overwhelming and created urgency to find a new solution as multiple vendor contracts were soon up for renewal. It was the perfect time to implement a more efficient solution that could free up resources and enable FELCO to focus more on customer experience and growing their business.

FELCO discovered that Digital River offered a complete checkout solution that would solve for payments, taxes, fraud, and compliance all under one contract. The major question was whether the solution could be implemented in the short timeframe FELCO desired. After identifying Digital River’s pre-built integration as a direct fit for their Adobe Commerce platform, and with assurance that the timeline could be met, FELCO determined Digital River provided the best solution for them. Using the Digital River extension for Adobe Commerce, FELCO was able to successfully complete the implementation in only three weeks.

Adding Digital River’s expertise and capabilities to their existing Adobe Commerce platform enabled FELCO to streamline their tax management, simplify their financial reconciliation, and go from three payment processers to one. “Since switching to Digital River, our customers have enjoyed a better shopping and checkout experience. Customer service inquiries regarding payment and checkout processes have dropped dramatically, which allow us to spend more time educating customers about our products.” explained Nick Terry, Head of ECOM. Nick added “We’re a small team, and we pride ourselves on being nimble and shifting our business focus at the drop of a hat. We wanted to move quickly to get Digital River implemented and integrated into our ecommerce business to keep up and running with minimal down time. And thanks to Digital River’s incredible precision, efficiency, and speed, we were up and running in three weeks. The communication of the Digital River implementation and customer support teams is second to none; a true pleasure to work with.”

If you are interested in simplifying your back-office operations, contact Digital River today to learn more about our powerful global solution.