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Direct selling provides a convenient way for consumers to purchase products—often in homes or workplaces. In this direct-to-consumer ecommerce business model, independent sales consultants typically conduct business through one-on-one demonstrations, as well as through online sales driven through email communications. As direct selling businesses expand globally, payment acceptance can be a barrier to growth expansion.

Digital River’s payment program provides comprehensive direct-to-consumer ecommerce solutions for secure payment acceptance around the world to help clients in the direct selling industry enter new markets and grow their business. We can also help optimize your mobile sales and other marketing services through our in-house marketing agency, MarketForce.

Direct Selling Industry Solutions

Full-Service Payments Solution

Digital River World Payments is the only true multi-regional bank, independent processor that can assist direct selling companies achieve their current and future global aspirations. We provide a single connection to an international network of approximately 50+ bank card processors, alternative payment methods and over 170 transaction and display currencies.
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Unique Expertise

At Digital River, we understand the unique business model, challenges and requirements as a direct selling business, allowing us to give you customized expertise in this industry. We can support you with our tailored payments platform to fit your needs, constantly work to keep your business ahead of the curve and provide you with our direct selling regulatory affiliations – such as the Direct Selling Association, US, Direct Selling Association, UK and the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations.

Back-Office Services

Reduce costs through our efficient back office services, Digital River Commerce Business Infrastructure (CBI). Our CBI is a tightly integrated solution that manages the complexities of ecommerce with a single partner rather than multiple vendors. As Merchant and Seller of Record (MOR/SOR), we assume the risk of doing global business – handling local entities, financial reconciliation, tax collection, legal compliance, fraud prevention, fulfillment and more.
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