You build games. We build empires.
Integrated payment and commerce solutions for games.

You build games. We build empire. Banner
Take control of your destiny.


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Unlock the benefits of a direct channel.

It all starts with accepting payments, establishing billing systems and integrating a robust commerce platform infrastructure that can scale with your business.


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Take your title further, faster.

We offer world-class ecommerce technologies to support any monetization model, merchandising and promotion capabilities for digital and physical products.


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There are no limits to your global reach and revenue potential.

Let nothing stand in your way. We will take you to any market in the world you want to sell and help you create a lasting legacy of dedicated fans.



The Digital River Difference

Get to market quicker, expand faster and capitalize on the full revenue potential of your game with Digital River’s complete payment processing and ecommerce solutions for games. From plug-and-play integrations to fully customizable purchase experiences, our platform solutions, comprehensive services, and game launch expertise give you the right tools and global infrastructure to unlock a winning strategy.

Take control of your game’s destiny. You determine the customer experience, merchandising and monetization model you want—we customize your online store, in-app commerce experience and payment mix to get the most revenue potential and best player experience.

Customize Your Quest

Every game’s story is unique. We look forward to talking to you about yours. Together, we will tailor your ecommerce experience for the right go-to-market approach.

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MyCommerce QuickKey™

offers a low-cost, turnkey solution for selling game keys on your website.

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Build your empire. One level at a time.
  • Start

    Begin your journey. We offer everything you need to be successful in the market— payment processing, web store and in-app commerce platform capabilities, and global business infrastructure.

    • 1Accept global payments
    • 2Establish a storefront with the right billing systems
    • 3Go global. Be local.
  • Scale

    Why build your own commerce tools when you can use our best in-class SaaS technologies and expertise? When you partner with Digital River you quip yourself with the same cutting edge tools that large publishers have with the flexibility to sell your product the way you want to, at a far lower total cost.

  • Dominate

    Rise above the rest—to build your global empire you need to own the entire customer experience and relationship, extending commerce across all touchpoints. Provide a consistent, full brand experience your players expect—effectively merchandise, engage with your audiences and expand your reach.

Your business requires a merchant account if you accept payment for transactions. At Digital River, we use a Merchant and Seller of Record (MOR/SOR) business model to alleviate multiple dimensions of risk, simplify business operations, increase speed to market and reduce costs for your business. We call this Digital River Commerce Business Infrastructure™.
Payments Tools
  • Hosted Offer Page
  • Checkout Flow
  • Global Payment Methods
  • Transaction Fraud Management
  • Commerce Business Infrastructure
You need to set up a storefront with full monetization capabilities. Our premium cloud-based SaaS platforms, Digital River Global CommerceTM for web stores and Global Commerce MTXTM for in-app commerce, support physical and digital goods. Whatever your revenue model—traditional, free-to-play, renewal-based—our platforms support revenue growth and dynamic capabilities.
Monetization Tools
  • Merchandise & Collectables
  • Premium Downloads
  • Virtual Items
  • Subscriptions
  • In-Game Sales
  • Microtransactions
  • Pre-Orders
Localize the shopper experience and deliver the right experience for the region. Your customers want to experience your web store and pay for your products in the way they are accustomed to—in their local language, payment methods and currency. And don’t worry, we will keep you compliant with local legislations and tax collection and filing.
Localization Tools
  • 26 Display Languages
  • 18 Legal Entities
  • 190+ Bank Connections
  • 108 Display Currencies
Want to sell 1M units in a 4-hour flash sale? Our platforms can handle any high volume traffic level with the comprehensive storefront, catalog and order management capabilities to successfully market, transact and deliver digital and physical products to your players.
Commerce & Order Management Tools
  • Product, Inventory & User Information Management
  • Configurable Pricing Engine
  • Offer Management & User Segmentation
  • Merchandising, Promotions & Discounts
  • Wallet Management for Physical & Virtual Currencies
  • Cart & Payment Flow
  • Customer Service with Online Chat
  • Unified Reporting Across all Monetization Channels
We create awareness for your game to acquire new customers with key strategies and tactics to convert sales and optimizing the brand experience. A critical component to building an empire is retaining your customer base and establishing long-term relationships with players for a recurring revenue stream. MarketForce™ is our commerce-driven in-house digital marketing agency focused on conversions and extending customer lifetime value.
Marketing Tools
  • Dynamic Web Content Management
  • Product Recommendations & Personalization
  • Display & Retargeting Advertising
  • Targeted Email Campaigns
  • Site Optimization, Usability & A/B Testing
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Affiliate Marketing
Digital River offers end-to-end services, technologies and tools so that you can customize your business. We have 1,300+ experts in 20 offices around the world with local teams in key regions, plus a network of global partnerships, to help your business succeed on a global scale.
Professional Tools
  • Channel Strategies & Management
  • Strategic Business Consulting
  • Advanced Integration Services
  • Developer Resources & APIs
  • Global Partner Network

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